Campaign Setting

The “Sword Coast”–that renowned area of western Faerûn, home to Baldur’s Gate, Beregost, and many other sites and cities of legend. Scarce a year goes by without a new story set among its mountainous peaks, its details continuously embellished upon by each bard that hums its notes.

But mention the name “Rapier’s Edge,” and you may caught only a glimmer of recognition.

It’s not that the forenamed peninsula is uninhabited or unexplored; on the contrary, numerous references exist in history books, and it appears on nearly every map of the respective region. It is, rather, as if entire sections of people have chosen to forget about it. Cartographers might be surprised each morning by the “new” details on every one of their maps, traders might be confused by the exotic merchandise suddenly in their stores, and ship captains might be surprised to find its coast abruptly off their bow.

Understandably, this phenomenon has drawn in more than its fair share of curious adventurers.

And yet, there is something deeper to the land that excites the mind. An idle ear at the local tavern might pick up whispered stories of fantastic treasures yet to be unearthed, or of fantastic tales warning of portals to other worlds. But step outside, and the interrupted silence will speak volumes more than the local tattlers. Those with their ears to the soil, their eyes to the sky, or their fingers on the pulse of the woods can all tell you the same thing.

Out here, the land itself breathes magic. And it is a magic unlike any other in the world.