IIIc. The Road More Traveled

Session Date: [], 2019
Effective Character Level: 3

Upon restoring the sanctity of the crypt, the sconces that had once burned fiendishly green now shed a welcoming amber hue. A voice as of angels welcome “the adventurers” and thanked them for their hand in ending Xervius’s penance. Apparently (as the voice explained) Xervius had slowly fallen over his life as a paladin of Moradin, “becoming licentious, giving into vice, and even murdering innocents.” Rather than striking him from his followers entirely, Moradin decreed that the dwarf hero would simply wait outside the gates of paradise. Once his atonement had been fulfilled, adventurers would be attracted to the town by a passive plague of undead, to finally send him into the beyond.

The five adventurers shrugged at each other. It was not the oddest thing they’d ever heard the gods do.

It was just outside the entrance to the crypt that the party discovered a sad sight–the body of Damien, who had apparently gathered his resolve and rushed to join. However, he had been caught alone by several of the skeletons, and he was far beyond help. The group gathered his body and brought him into town.

The stilled forms of undead corpses in the streets confirmed their triumph; the dead menace had left Elderham. They woke Elder Templeton (who in turn woke the village) with the happy news. Then the adventurers took a long, well-earned rest.

The next morning, the party met with Elder Templeton at his home (along with two of the “lesser elders). In addition to preparations for a celebration, Templeton also allowed each of the adventurers to claim one magic item from his stores (along with 100 gold pieces apiece). Most of the party chose magical manuals that would marginally improve some aspect of their physical body (whether it be their constitution, their strength, or even their dexterity). Theren, on the other hand, chose a small ring that would help deflect some of the weaker attacks, while Yesod claimed a promising two-handed greatsword.

Templeton had learned of Damien’s demise in the proceedings and declared him to be a great hero. (The party decided to leave out the more accurate version of the tale. Damien had died trying to do the right thing; that was all anyone really needed to remember.) The Whitewaters had just lost two brothers in the space of a few days, but Templeton thought he would be able to offer assistance. One of the local farms had just lost their owners to the undead plague, and tenants were needed to mind the plots. The remaining Whitewater brothers and sisters would be invited to come live in Elderham, in thanks for their brother’s sacrifice.

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